Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrate National "Be Nasty" Day with The Snark Handbook!

March 8th is National "Be Nasty" Day
Celebrate with the hillarious and practical insults found in The Snark Handbook: Insult Edition!
This year, on National "Be Nasty" Day, celebrate by refreshing yourself on some of the greatest insults ever uttered in film, television, politics, and literature! The Snark Handbook: Insult Edition provides a comprehensive list of the perfect insults for every situation, spoken by everyone from Oscar Wilde to David Letterman!
Snark expert and bestselling author Larry Dorfman, who is also the author of the original Snark Handbook, comes up with witty phrases on a daily - even hourly - basis! Here are some of his latestsnarks:
  • "Christine Aguilera has had a tough few weeks after her Super Bowl snafu. She had been offered an opportunity for a "do over" by the Brooklyn Cyclones, a Mets farm team, but refused. Word is that she's also recently been rejected for the lead singer slot intwo Christine Aguilera cover bands."
  •  "A former mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who served 4 terms and was one of the city's most popular leaders, won't get a new government center named for him because of his name. Harry Baals (pronounced like you think it is) is the current favorite in online voting but two members of the city council, Anita Head and Holden McGroin, have refused to allow it.
  •  "NYC's mayor Mike Bloomberg is in trouble again for making an insensitive stereotypical Irish joke at a dinner for the American Irish Historical Society. Something about drinking. He's allowed...after all, a man of his stature automatically becomes and honorary leprechaun."

In the book, Dorfman has also included several games in which you match the insult to the TV character or moviestar who said it!

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