Monday, May 9, 2011

Kopek Ready "Love Is Dead" As Follow Up To Debut Hit

 Religion Music has announced a June 6th add date for "Love is Dead," the second single from KOPEK's debut album White Collar Lies.  The lead track, "Cocaine Chest Pains," was a Top 25 hit on the Active Rock chart, and achieved Top 30 at Mainstream Rock.  In an age where a majority of the songs on radio are faceless, "Love is Dead," is instantly memorable.  It offers a chronicle of and is an earnest homage to their fallen heroes, citing many of the immortal icons from the annals of popular music by name, acknowledging the influence they have had on Daniel Jordan (guitar/vocals), Shane Cooney (drums) and Brad Kinsella (bass).  Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Robert Johnson, Frank Sinatra and Kurt Cobain are just a few inspirational legends KOPEK pay tribute to in "Love Is Dead." Bassist Kinsella offers, "Song writing is a big deal for KOPEK.  Being a 3 piece songwriting unit / workshop we know how hard it is to get one good song, never mind a whole life span of creating great songs and great music.  All of the names in 'Love is Dead' lived it.  They weren't frauds.  They were the real deal."  Singer and guitarist Jordan adds, "All modern songs seem to be love songs. I remember asking the question "What if you are single??" You would actually have little to no music relevant to your life, a life without a soundtrack. Not now, "Love Is Dead." An anti-love song."  The band's intent in offering an alternative to sappy love songs is transparent.  Drummer Cooney shares, "In todays world, some people lose their job, break up with their partner and get evicted from their apartment all in the same day.  When they turn on the radio all they hear is Taylor Swift singing about some boyfriend, not anymore.  There's now finally an audio aggression outlet, it's called "Love is Dead."
Kopek has spent the better part of the past year burning up the asphalt of America, travelling tens of thousands of miles to bring their repertoire to the masses.  The trio continues to tour steadily, and will share the stage with Hinder and RED throughout the month of May.  Kopek's Daniel Jordan shared, "To play rock and roll in a band and have people dig it is one thing, but when they start driving seven or eight hours just to see you play, it is overwhelming.  When they share that they can't stop listening to the album, and how much they love it, it is an amazing feeling.  For three Irish guys who just love to make music we want to listen to, when other people hear what we hear it's rewarding like nothing else.  We're also blessed to have the same reaction from the industry. There's a lot of good things being said and written about KOPEK, and for the American industry, that means a lot to us.  After all, these guys created rock n roll, not to mention creating nearly every form of modern music there is today, from jazz to hip hop and so on."
Scheduled KOPEK appearances include:
5/10            EVANSVILLE, IL                                     THE CENTRE
5/12            LA CROSSE, WI                                        LACROSSE CENTRE ARENA
5/13            FORT WAYNE, IN                                    PIERRE'S
5/14            DAYTON, OH (HEADLINE)                    MCGUFFY'S HOUSE OF ROCK
5/16            FLINT, MI                                                   MACHINE SHOP
5/17            AMHERST, NY                                          FYE ACOUSTIC IN-STORE 1225 NIAGARA FALL BLVD
5/17            NIAGARA FALLS, NY                             RAPIDS THEATER
5/19            HAMPTON BEACH, NH                          HAMPTON BEACH CASINO
5/20            PROVIDENCE, RI                                      LUPO'S
5/22            TRAVERSE CITY, MI                               GROUND ZERO
5/24            BISMARCK, ND                                        BISMARCK CIVIC CENTER
5/27            COLUMBUS, OH (HEADLINE)              AL ROSA VILLA
5/28            SYRACUSE, NY                                       THE GREAT NY STATE FAIR
**More dates TBA

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