Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bridge National Bohemian

On their fifth album Baltimore’s The Bridge seriously ups the ante, offering by far their best release to date. National Bohemian, which was produced by Los Lobos' Steve Berlin, is packed with fresh material that place a greater emphasis on vocals than the group’s past efforts, resulting an album replaces their improv-heavy jam past with a more authentic, gritty form of cohesively orchestrated Americana rock.

Standout tracks include “Long Way To Climb,” complete with beautiful slide guitar; “Geraldine,” which showcases loud, roaring saxophones; and “Rosie,” complete with
bar room bravado that screams out “this is rock-n-roll.”

Though The Bridge recently informed fans they would be calling it quits after their annual Thanksgiving show later this year, the masses can rejoice in the fact that National Bohemian while forever serve as a testament to the band at their very best.

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