Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cory Lamb Anthem is Tribute To Staying Positive

Fist-Pumping Cory Lamb Anthem "Break The Cycle" Is a Tribute To Staying Positive

On June 21, Black Sheep Entertainment will release Cory Lamb's new album 'Break the Cycle.' The album's title track is a glorious tribute to staying positive and true to yourself.

 "There's a lot of great music out there," Lamb explains in a recent interview, "but not all bands have good messages. Some really pull you right down and can put you in a dark place, rather than lift you up…I approach my music with the idea of lifting kids and anyone who hears it up. I give them hope and love and a positive message to help them through whatever they're going through, whether it's a family thing or a relationship, or if they're trying to find what they're looking for."

This universally appealing yet rare attitude is one of the reasons Lamb has courted legions of fans, including actor/writer/producer Stephen Baldwin who made his directorial debut on the music video for "Break The Cycle."

Watch it here:

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