Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WhoMadeWho Releases New TearJerker Video for "Every Minute Alone" Off Forthcoming Kompakt Debut "Knee Deep"

Danish trio WhoMadeWho, known for their skeleton suits and unforgettably engaging  live sets bring us another creative offering as they release their video for "Every Minute Alone," a short film of  grown men crying and crying from start to finish. The song is the first single off of their forthcoming mini-LP, Knee Deep, out April 26th on Kompakt.

Knee Deep highlights the band's love for electronic music in conjunction with 60's inspired psychedelic vocal productions. As drummer and electronic handyman Tomas Barfod puts it, the mini album came from the desire to create "a focused listening album that draws on a more abstract musical starting point." Throughout the album there is an underlining motif  of uncertainty as many songs reference the band's experiences and hardships over the last year which include losing a childhood home to fire, the winding roads of marriage, and record label disputes. Putting their career under review at a tumultuous time reinforced their decision to keep creating.  Capable of overcoming real world challenges, WhoMadeWho show a softer side in the clip above as they really sweat the small stuff!

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