Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John Gold To Release "a flower in your head" on June 14

Los Angeles singer-songwriter john gold is proud to announce the release of his third proper album a flower in your head on June 14 via Vagrant Records. From start to finish, a flower in your head offers something for everyone, roping in 60's and 70's Southern California rock enthusiasts with tracks like 'Skyscraper' and 'Baby, it's Your Life' with pop hooks, piano leads and tambourine shakes that make it nearly impossible to contain your sing-along instincts on those long summer drives.

Recorded and co-produced by drummer/producer Scott Seiver (Pete Yorn) and mixed by Shawn Everett (Weezer, Phantom Planet, Simon Dawes), a flower in your head is complete with ten shimmering pop songs, each serving as a sunny manifestation of the trials and tribulations that make up what we all like to call "life".  "It's become my own personal manifesto," notes john. "In the past few years I've sort of changed the way I think about things. I've decided that if I'm gonna sing the same things over and over for years, better to reach for the good that is now and will be tomorrow rather than report on the past."  As implied in the title, a flower in your head is gold's way of planting that seed into listeners' minds with his lyrics and melodies, and hopefully changing some minds for the better, if only for a moment.  "And that's the magic of music, isn't it?"

Los Angeles native john gold is a singer/songwriter - or, as he puts it, "writer/songsinger" - who should be a poster child for DIY. With a little help from his friends, his songs have found their way from a small Hollywood apartment to the ears of the masses on shows like Weeds (Showtime) and the successful indie film Mean Creak (Paramount), not to mention Nike and Levi's spots. Fans have started to notice the lovable underdog, having self-released two full-length albums previously (These Are Color Days in 2002, and The Eastside Shake in 2005).

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