Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Psychedelic Space Rockers CHAPPO Release New Video for "Come Home"

Brooklyn's psychedelic space rock band CHAPPO have unveiled their video for "Come Home" via Future Sounds. "Come Home" is the lead track off the band's debut Plastique Universe EP and landed them a coveted sync on an i-pod commercial.

Migrating from some of the most musically inclined cities in America, Alex Chappo (of Baton Rouge), and Chris Olson (of Seattle) came together in the lower east side of Manhattan courtesy of a craigslist roommate search. Similar interests and musical influence gave birth to a new sound that was crafted into a 5 song EP. CHAPPO is now joined by Zac Colwell (of Austin) on drums and production, and Dave Feddock (of Seattle) on guitar. The guys recently spent the month of January snowed-in at a remote Vermont cabin recording a full-length album. Release details coming soon.

Watch "Come Home" now at

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