Thursday, March 3, 2011

CJaye LeRose Emerges As Social Media Butterfly

 In 2009, aspiring country music singer / songwriter CJaye LeRose created a YouTube channel with the goal of raising awareness about animal adoption.  Quickly realizing that she received more views when she posted videos of her songs, LeRose's living room became her stage and she welcomed her viewers in as she would a friend.  This newfound opportunity to share her songs with the world did not distract LeRose from her original desire to encourage people to adopt their pets.  So as any good songwriter would do, she wrote a song about it.  By social media standards, it is an understatement to say she succeeded in not only bringing attention to the plight of homeless pets, but in also emerging as one of the YouTube's new stars.  Today, LeRose's YouTube channel boasts over two million views and 32,000 subscribers.


"I think my channel grew like it did not only because of my love for music, but also because of my love for people.  If I could, I would spend all day just writing people back and answering as many comments as possible," notes LeRose.  "I've gotten to be friends with so many of the people that have subscribed to my channel.  They are my inspiration to keep chasing this dream.  One of the biggest joys I have is spreading a little bit of sunshine, and just making people happy.  That may sound corny, but it's true!"


YouTube isn't the only social media outlet that has taken notice. LeRose recently surpassed 18,000 Twitter followers and 12,000 Facebook fans.


Encouraged by her social media success, in January 2011, the Texas-reared 25-year-old took the big leap, packed her bags and moved from her hometown of Houston to Nashville.


"This is where I feel like I belong. I know how important it is for an artist to actually be here if you're serious about pursuing your dream.  Hi Nashville!  I'm CJaye!" says LeRose with a laugh.


LeRose's self-released debut album, Date With The Tub, is scheduled for release later this year.


Her official website,, launches today.


View LeRose's YouTube channel by clicking here.  To get a free download of "The Porch," featured on her upcoming album, click here.

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