Thursday, June 16, 2011

iPhone Users Concert Videos In Danger

Could concert iPhone photography be a thing of the past? Might you actually be able to see a band without the obstruction of tiny glowing screens? A new patent may limit iPhone capabilities at concerts; according to Business Insider, "Apple wants to use infra-red receivers that disable your video camera when it's held up to film live performances." Other texting and phone capabilities would still work normally, as the goal is to protect those who hold rights to concerts... like, say, event organizers, or the band.

For the full scope of the patent, check out the U.S. Patent site, where it's all explained in nerd talk, like: "Systems and methods for receiving infrared data with a camera designed to detect images based on visible light are provided. A system can include a camera and image processing circuitry electrically coupled to the camera. The image processing circuitry can determine whether each image detected by the camera includes an infrared signal with encoded data"... and so on.

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