Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brandan Benson Re-Releases Lapalco on Vinyl with Bonus Tracks

Brendan Benson is pleased to announce the re-release of his critically acclaimed 2002 albumLapalco, a record that NPR labeled "Terrific" and Rolling Stone proclaimed "as universal as the late night, semi-drunken answering machine message or the love note you never quite had the guts to send." Originally released in unmastered form, Lapalco has been newly touched up and paired with a download of album b-sides from that era, including the previously unreleased "Maybe So Hard".  A limited edition vinyl version of the re-release features updated liner notes written by Benson's good friend and fellow Nashville based via Detroit luminary Jack White.
Digital and Limited Edition Vinyl versions of the remastered Lapalco paired with bonus tracks are available at (Click to stream two tracks from the album)
(Track Listing and Bonus B-Sides listed below)
At the time of its release, Lapalco came on the heels of an excruciating half-decade fraught with Benson's struggles to be released from the Major Label that released his warmly received debut One Mississippi in 1996. After a full 6 years of waiting, fans were brimming with anticipation, and music critics were curious to hear what the affects of such a long delay would be on the promising young songwriter.  What they got was as The Onion put it, an "almost overwhelmingly assured sophomore effort." The praise for the record was almost as universal as the bittersweet lyricism and undeniable pop hooks found in the music.  "In a world filled with pop by numbers and dull indie bands," wrote TheBBC, "Benson is a beacon of original songwriting, brilliant musicianship and sharp lyrics. This is a joy, don't deny yourself a treat."
At the time of Lapalco's recording Benson was still living in his hometown Detroit, and as a result, he holds a special fondness for the album. "I remember it well," says Benson, "I was sitting in the dining room of my old house, but instead of a table it was a consol. I had turned this beautiful old house into my recording studio. There was gear everywhere! I was right at home. The songs on Lapalco remind me of that house and that time." In that sense, the album is what Benson describes as a "bittersweet memory," that comes through in the music, a revealing "peek into 419 East Grand Boulevard."  "The house was drafty, the roof leaked, and the neighborhood was bad," he says, "but there were huge stained glass windows, gorgeous oak woodwork throughout, and I wrote one of my favorite records there." As such Benson is proud to be re-introducing a much loved "momento" and select B-Sides for long-standing and recent fans alike.

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