Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brandon Schott "13 Satellites"

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Brandon Schott returns with his most vibrant and playful collection of songs to date,
"13 Satellites" on October 25th.   We would welcome the opportunity to have you review/feature this exciting new release.

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Sera Roadnight
M T Press

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Brandon Schott returns with his 4th record, "13 Satellites" on October 25th.  After the quiet catharsis that was his 2009's post cancer reflection DANDELION, Brandon celebrates life with his most vibrant and playful collection of songs to date. Brandon, originally from Northern Virginia, has been named one of Music Connections Hot 100 Artists four years in a row. Additionally, his song "Fire Season" won Best Song in the Acoustic/Folk category at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. 

"13 SATELLITES" was born as a cross-continental collaboration with drummer Billy Hawn during the spring of 2010 - and also features tracks flown in from Portland, OR, Manchester, NH, and the not-quite-as-far-away Burbank, CA where Schott's longtime collaborator Jason Wormer (Steve Earle, Elton John & Leon Russell, Elvis Costello & T-Bone Burnett) mixed and mastered the record into a warm, deep groove.  "A true Satellite project, for sure", states Schott.

The songs on "13 Satellites" reflect a new beginning, both in life and in art.   The record is  "a celebration of all we had gone through as a family, and a childlike wonder at all that was to come," Brandon says.  This wide-eyed spirit shines through these 13 songs, from the whimsical free fall that is the first single "Satellite", to the eastern spirituality of "Flowers Fading", to the piano romp that is "Exploding Angel". The sound of the late Beatles is apparent throughout the record vocally and tonally, not to mention it's whimsical enigmatic feel. This is the first of Brandon's records to be purely recorded and self-produced at his home studio in Glendale.
Brandon has already gained some early coverage on his new album. WXPN, a prominent radio station, recently picked up his single "satellite" off the album.  Armed with a passel of breathtaking songs, Schott has got the goods to make it big in these musically perilous times.
"13 Satellites" will be released October 25th simultaneously with an animated Monty-Pythonesque music video for the song "Satellite".

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