Friday, November 26, 2010

Five for Five - A Quick Tour Review

Five nights, five shows. Which was the best? See Fred's favorites below.

November 18 - November 22, a Five Night Tour

1. The Black Crowes 11-20-10 The Tabernacle, Atlanta - Luther Dickinson reigns supreme; Rich Robinson nails Fearless and Oh Sweet Nuthin'.

2. Another One for Woody 11-22-10 Roseland Ballroom, New York City - Wishin' Wood was still here.

3. The Black Crowes 11-19-10 The Tabernacle, Atlanta - A slow start, until My Morning Song.

4. Roger Waters 11-18-10 Phillips Arena, Atlanta - The Wall Live, great theatre, though a bit lacking for one looking for supreme musicianship.

5. Furthur 11-21-10 Madison Square Garden, New York City - Pink Floyd's Time was money, until the vocals kicked in; but all in all, some good, clean fun.

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