Friday, February 10, 2012

Introducting Tiny Victories -- Debut EP out Feb 28th

Tiny Victories is excited to announce the release of their debut EP Those Of Us Still Alive, out February 28th via their own BirdDog Records. In celebration of the upcoming release of their first album, they've released the track "Lost Weekend" for free download, available for posting HERE.


"Lost Weekend" provides the perfect introduction to Tiny Victories, showcasing the band's array of samplers, gadgets and live drums, coupled with singer Greg Walter's self-assured vocal melodies. Living up to the band's namesake, the track focuses on small moments of redemption, amplified, with the spirit of a marching band at a funeral.


Those Of Us Still Alive has an uncommonly organic, improvisational feel for electronic music. As Greg explains, "We make simple songs out of complex pieces. Take a melody that works on an acoustic guitar, then orchestrate it with samples that have been reprocessed beyond recognition-like the sound of trash being thrown into a Manhattan dumpster." 


Comprised of Cason Kelly and Greg Walters, the duo formed Tiny Victories in 2010. Prior to their transplant to Brooklyn, Cason spent his early 20s doing social work with inner city kids, while Greg spent six years as a foreign correspondent, covering a war (Russia-Georgia) and two revolutions (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan).


Previously having shared bills with Hooray for Earth, The Hood Internet, Bear Hands, and Braids, Tiny Victories plans to tour this spring, including a stop in Austin, TX for SXSW.


Those Of Us Still Alive Tracklisting:

1. Mr. Bones

2. Gravitron

3. Lost Weekend

4. Longevity

5. Get Lost

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